Privacy Policy

We take every measure to ensure 100% customer confidentiality and the privacy matters are dealt with the optimum level efficiency. We aim to clarify and explain our privacy policy here to ensure that the client’s personal information, payment details and other proactively collected and asked information is fully secure. We full recognize and work in accordance with the data protection laws of UK.

Details furnished with the client’s consent.

The type of information that every client is required to provide while placing the order on our order now page i.e. your name, email ID and call back number etc. While for a better understanding of your order details we require you to provide us with your course name and assignment related details. The systems we manage to operate allows us to keep a customer’s name secret from the writer and other staff members. Every bit of information provided to us is safe and secure as we adhere the PCI compliance fully.

Your contact details

We keep your contact numbers and email addresses with us in our records to further render and offer services to you in the future. We keep on giving soft reminders every once in a while about our services so that if the customer ever needs us we are there.

Type of information the website collects.

Whenever any traffic hits the website the systems acquires and attain information automatically and that can be about your PC’s type, the browser and other analytical things. It is because the cookies automatically redirects to collect the required information of your pc and other controls to provide you a better customer’s experience.

You have the control of your PC in your hand and thus you can turn off your cookies while visiting our website page but some data be inaccessible for you due to the turned off cookies.

Authority for alteration in the policies.

We uphold the authority and decisive powers to change, amend, refute or oscillate. Thus, clients are advised to visit the privacy page periodically.