Refund Policy

The real meaning of our name is “optimum level customer satisfaction”. Although most of our customers have been satisfied and happy as per our expectation but there are always those who cannot be made happy at any costs. That is why in circumstances where our esteemed customers do not get what they paid for we make sure that they at least do not loose their hard earned money but at the same time we make sure that no body tricks us into getting his/her money back on the basis of false claims.

Ordering with us would require you to read the refund policies prior to your order placement so that there are no confusions at all.

  • You can request for a refund on your order within a time frame of 3 days after the order is delivered. No matter what stays the reason for your refund request we shall cater and entertain only those refund requests that are made within the above mentioned time frame.
  • On submitting the refund request within the time frame of 3 days after your order delivery we shall forward your request to the quality assurance department that will take the case form then onwards.
  • In case you did not like the document because it didn’t meet the instructions etc we shall either
    Assign you a new writer or revise your work as many times as you like it.


We shall refund your hard earned money as per your request.

  • In case the quality of document or any adverse results are obtained and we fulfilled all the instructions as provided by the customer, we cannot be held accountable for the loss or the hostile situation.
    • 1. You cannot ask for a refund on delay of delivery if you caused the delay
    • 2. If you did not provide the relevantly required documents.
    • 3. If you failed to answer the writer’s queries and consequently you fail.
  • If by a mistake you end up paying double for your order, we shall definitely reimburse your money right then and there.

Dispute settlement conditions

  • No intermediary i.e. the payment processor or another vendor should be contacted in case of any dispute either with the quality of your paper or other services related matters.
  • In case the client engages an intermediary with the purpose of getting any dispute resolved we shall immediately consider the case as null and void.
  • If the dispute settlement doesn’t reach to a mutual agreement between the client and the website within a time of 2-3 days, we allow the customer to contact an intermediary.